Cape Cod Niblet
Le#  45102    Re#  15D
Whelped:  3 January 1995
Adopted:  2 September 1998
Raced at Lakes Region NH, Plainfield CT
Sire:  Leading Escort*  (Fawn)
Dam:  Lady Nettie  (Brindle)

Cape Cod Native, Fawn Male
Cape Cod Nellie, Brindle Female
Cape Cod Neon, Red Fawn Male
Cape Cod Nettie, Red Fawn Female
Cape Cod Nibbles, Brindle Female
Cape Cod Niblet, Red Fawn Male
Cape Cod Nic Nac, Fawn Male
Cape Cod Nugget, Brindle Female
Cape Cod Nutmeg, Red Fawn Female

If you know the whereabouts of any of these littermates, please contact me at:

UPDATE:  3 Littermates Located!
Nibs, forever our "Baby".  He is sweet and sensitive and has an endearing comedic side who likes to dance for his dinner.  We also need to mention that "he's famous you know...he's been on TV & the Internet".  We love you Niblet...Mom & Dad
Littermates Located!
'Cape Cod Nibbles'
Pet Name:  Abbey
Adopted:  Hunter Family
'Cape Cod Nettie'
Pet Name:  Kelly
Adopted:  Quinones Family

'Cape Cod Nic Nac'
Pet Name:  Nicky
Adopted:  LaFond Family

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