Jakes Winner
Le#  63310   Re#  27G
Whelped:  7 February 1997
Adopted: 22 November 2000
Raced at Hinsdale NH
Sire:  Star Light Jake  (White & Black)
Dam:  Starlight Impala  (Black)

Jakes Girlie, Black Female
Jakes Winner, Black Male
Jakie Jake, Red Fawn Male
Oklahoma Elect, Fawn Male
Oklahoma Hound, Red Fawn Male
Oklahoma Jackie, Red Fawn Female
Oklahoma Jake, Red Fawn Male
Oklahoma Jess, Red Fawn Female
Oklahoma Special, Blue Female

If you know the whereabouts of any of these littermates, please contact:
Winner, moms special boy.  Gift sent from Action Angel.  He is charismatic and loving.  Win thinks he should escort me everywhere and always knows when I am leaving the house.  He is the pillow slayer!  All our Love Mom & Dad
Littermates Located!
'Jakes Girlie'
Pet Name:  Girlie
Adopted:  Weiss Family
'H' Pup
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