The Duke Dogs!
My name is Nancy and my husbands name is Floyd.  Thirteen years ago was the first time I ever set eyes on a greyhound.  We went to a nearby racetrack, Ebro Greyhound Park, located in Ebro Florida.  I became immediately hooked on this gorgeous breed.  I was in awe of their racing abilities, beauty and gracefulness.  Needless to say we became regular patrons at Ebro.

As time went by, we got to know many of the folks that worked at Ebro in all different aspects.  I even got a job working in a kennel to gain more knowledge of these beautiful animals.  The more I was around them, the more I told myself that I had to have one of my very own.

In early January 1994 a trainer named Joe Cruce approached me to ask if I'd like to have two greyhounds that were for one reason or another retiring.  I told him the only way I'd take them was if I could have the papers on the pups which he agreed to. 

After bringing home my beautiful girls Task Golden Nite (red brindle) and Task Classy June (blue) my life changed forever.  We bred Nite but unfortunately her first litter was not of good racing caliber so they were placed in forever homes.  I was always like a mother hen when it came to my pups and made darn sure they were taken care of properly; if they weren't or I saw something I didn't like i became one of the biggest pests in the world.

I let some good friends of mine breed June and she produced some fairly good pups; they hit the paysheets quite often.  After a while a lady in Monticello Florida was begging for a blue girl so I let her adopt June. 

Anyways these friends had a stud, 'Hello Mr. D" that I was in love with.  He was one of the most gorgeous males I had ever set eyes on.  He was a deep auburn red with big brown cow eyes that just talked to you.  They allowed me to breed Nite to Hello Mr D and they produced one of the prettiest and loving, well mannered litters.  They were all good racers too.  Two of the best were N's Duke It Out and N's Rarin To Go.  They raced at Tri-State Greyhound Park in Charleston WV.  They are all retired and living the good life as couch potatoes.

In March 1994 I brought home another beautiful black girl by the name of West Timid Teror.  She retired due to hip problems.  I bred her ot my stud, Pinelog Flyer and the produced a nice litter of pups; in fact one of the pups is still racing at Naples-Fort Myers and will be Five years old Dec 24, 2003.  We lost our beloved Timid last year but she was one of the sweetest and kindest beauties you'd ever want to own.

Nite and Pinelog produced one more litter (6 pups) for me and I was so fortunate ot have a group of friends that said they would adopt the litter when the time came.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for them to race and now they all reside in New York with their forever families.  These families found out what living with a "puppy" is like.  They will just be three in Feb 12 2004.  From birth all the way through their growing states I videotaped their growth so the families could be a part of their development.

I would like to thank by beautiful little girl Nite, for all the wonderful blessing she has bestowed upon us.  The joy she and all her babies have brought to us leave me almost speechless.  Nite is the heart of hearts!
Task Golden Nite
with Nancy
About the Dukes: