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About Greyhound Pedigrees ...
The question most often asked of me, why do you
enjoy researching Greyhound Pedigrees?  I have
been involved with researching Family Genealogy
for sometime.  After the adoption of our first Greyhound Action, the desire to learn more about his Litter, and his Sire and Dam got me started in Greyhound Pedigrees.  You could call it the natural progression of things.

After researching my greyhounds, I started to research the retired racers of friends.  It became obvious that there were other folks that wanted to know more about their greyhounds.

Through my desire of knowing who is related to who, and my passion for reuniting littermates, I am able to contribute to Greyhound Adoption Groups.
A Portion of the Proceeds to Benefit Greyhound Adoption.
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Updated 03 Jan 2005
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